The Best Light Wood Bathroom Vanity overall guide for You.

Light wood bathroom vanity brings warmth and adds a taste of nature without distracting the style and design of the bathroom. That is why in this day and age most interior designers love to incorporate it when styling the bathroom.

Are you building or renovating your bathroom? Light wood bathroom vanity would easily be the first item you pick for your bathroom. Why?  Because any light wood bathroom vanity you choose can match any design type.

As long as you have a rough idea of the bathroom design that want, you are good to go. Read more on this overall guide and learn more about the factors to consider cost, where to find, and benefits of light wood bathroom vanity.

White light wood bathroom vanity

Factors to consider when purchasing a light wood bathroom vanity.

There are a few factors that you must consider to get the best light wood bathroom vanity. The one that will serve your needs and falls within your budget.

1.     Space where the vanity will be placed.

Before measuring the space available, ensure you choose the right location for the vanity. To have the best location you need to consider the following;

  1. The plumbing and electrical work done in the bathroom. Consider the location of the water supply and drain lines and ensure they align with vanity’s plumbing connections. If the vanity needs an electric connection make sure it is available in the chosen location.
  2. The placement of other bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub, shower, and toilet. Ensure you choose a space where it won’t interfere with the use of these other fixtures.
  3. Flow of traffic, ensure its placement will allow smooth movement around the bathroom.

After identifying the best location for the vanity go ahead and measure the space. Measure the length, width, and height. By doing that you will get the desired size of the vanity and avoid buying a vanity that is too big or too small for the space.

After measurements, you can decide whether to get a vanity with a single sink or double sink depending on the amount of space available.

single light wood bathroom vanity
single sink vanity suitable for a small bathroom.
double sink light wood bathroom vanity
double sink vanity best for master bathrooms

2.     Storage spaces of the light wood bathroom vanity.

Some bathrooms require less storage space compared to others, for example, the master bathroom vanity should have more storage compared to a guest bathroom. Always consider the need for storage spaces in that particular bathroom before purchasing a vanity.

There are several storage options that you can choose from; open shelving, drawers, and cabinets.

3.     Hardware options on the vanity.

Hardware options include knobs, handles, pull-ins, and many different finishes and styles. Don’t be ignorant of these small details because they make a huge difference in aesthetics and functionality.

light wood bathroom vanity with open shelves.

4.     Style.

Before choosing a bathroom vanity you should consider the design of the rest of the house. So that do not get a vanity that contrasts the design and looks out of place.

5.     Durability of light wood bathroom vanity.

Hardwood vanities are more durable than softwoods. There are many types of hardwood to choose from, such as Oak, maple, birch, cherry, mahogany, etc. Each wood has its unique characteristics such as color and grain pattern. Be careful to choose the wood that matches your taste and style.

Checking reviews can also help you know the durability of a particular vanity before buying. These reviews show experiences other people have had with it.

Generally, wood vanities are durable and with a little care can last years and years. This makes it a worthwhile investment for your home.

6.     Cost of light wood bathroom vanity.

The cost of vanities varies depending on size and materials used to make it, the type of wood, and the finishes. Hardwoods such as maple and birch are more expensive than softwoods such as pine and cider.

Generally, light wood bathroom vanities with exotic woods coupled with specialty finishes are expensive.

Bonus tip – there are many light wood bathroom vanity shops. Always shop around for the cheapest bargain, without compromising on the quality.

Where to buy light wood bathroom vanities.

There are many shops where you can buy bathroom vanities. What you ought to do to ease the search is to look for a shop that deals with wood vanities only.

At the wood vanities shops, you find a wide range of vanities and you can choose according to your needs. Some of the vanities are already made and you can immediately purchase and have it delivered to your home.

However, if you have a design in mind that is not available, the dealers can custom-make your desired light wood bathroom vanity.

 How to install a light wood bathroom vanity.

If the vanity has a sink, you will need a plumber to connect the water supply and drain lines of the vanity to the ones in the bathroom.

If the vanity contains storage spaces only, with no sink. It’s instalation is easy. If its not assembled, assemble it then, place it in the allocated space.

How to style a light wood bathroom vanity.

A bathroom vanity goes hand in hand with other items for functionality and aesthetics. Such items include; mirrors, unique ceramic bowls, and outstanding tapware.

Sleek hooks and holders are important for hanging towels and placing handwash respectively. A flower vase is also a great addition.  

this vanity is styled with a huge vase that has a plant, sleek hand towel hooks and a rectangular shaped mirror.

Benefits of light wood bathroom vanity.

  1. Wood vanities make bathrooms unique for incorporating nature.
  2. They are long-lasting; wood is hard to break and can last for many years before it spoils.
  3.  They can be custom-made to suit your needs.
  4. They provide designated storage spaces that help keep the bathroom neat and organized.
  5. They act as design tools in the bathroom, Natural wood has grains and swirls that are beautiful, unique, and aesthetically pleasing.

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