10 Useful Black Kitchen Faucets That Will Make Cleaning Experience Better.

Black kitchen faucets are chic, especially when installed in a black-themed kitchen. Before choosing a black kitchen faucet you should consider the color palette of your kitchen. Incorporating black in the kitchen color palette gives a sleek and modern look.

The advantage of choosing black as a color in the palette when designing your kitchen is, black is a common color therefore, it will be easy to collect other black kitchen appliances and utilities.   

Kitchen faucets are available in a variety of finishes; black, white, chrome, stainless, nickel, gold, and bronze that you can choose from depending on your taste and preference.

Black Kitchen faucets are of many different types, each serving a particular need. Discover the different types of kitchen faucets and their functions below;

Types of Black kitchen faucets.

1.     Single-handle black kitchen faucet.

Single-handle faucet has only one handle that turns both sides up and down. If the right side produces cold water automatically the left side turn gives hot water. Turning up or down controls the temperature of water and flow rate.

This faucet is suitable for small kitchens where space is limited.

single-handle black kitchen faucet.

2.     Double-handle faucet.

Double handle faucet has two handles, one for hot water and the other one for cold water. The handles turn up and down to control the temperature and flow of water. Double-handle faucet has better control than single-handle faucet. It gives a more precise temperature and flow rate.

This faucet is suitable for larger kitchens, where there is more space to work with, because it requires at least 2 holes in the sink.

3.     Touch-activated kitchen faucet.

Touch-activated faucet is turned on by tapping a specific part of the faucet. They are easier to use compared to the handle ones.

This faucet is suitable for easy and quick access to water.

4.     Motion touchless black kitchen faucet.

Motion or touchless black kitchen faucet is turned on with motion. It has motion-sensing technology that enables hand-off operation. It helps to make your cooking and food preparation process less messy. This faucet has one handle that is used to control the temperature of the water.

This faucet is suitable where there is a need for ease of use and maintaining cleanliness.

5.     Voice-controlled faucet.

This is another technology-controlled faucet that operates hands-free. It offers the same advantages as the motion faucet. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. Some advanced voice-controlled faucets are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant to provide precise operation, such as filling a cup with water. 

These high-tech faucets are expensive but they offer unmatched convenience. Both voice-controlled and motion faucets are smart kitchen faucets.

6.     Pull-out spout faucet.

Pull-out spout faucet can be used when stationary or you can grab the faucet and pull it out to reveal the hose. The hose will allow you to move around the entire sink, spraying water to every corner of the sink.

This faucet is suitable for a wide sink and for deep cleaning and rinsing items.

pull-out black kitchen faucet.

7.     Pull-down spout faucet.

Pull-down spout faucet can be used when stationary or you can pull it down to become longer. It has a spray function to help when deep cleaning and rinsing.

This faucet is suitable for deep sinks used when cleaning larger items.

8.     Bridge kitchen faucet.

The bridge kitchen faucet has two handles one for cold water and the other one for hot water. The handles are connected to the sprout by a horizontal bar (the bridge). This gives it a unique appearance.

This faucet is suitable for large sinks.

Bridge black kitchen faucet

9.     Swivel spout black kitchen faucet.

Swivel spout faucets can move left and right. It is suitable for a wide or double basin sink because the spout can move left or right depending on where water is needed.

10. Pot filler faucet

Pot filler faucets are usually mounted on the wall over the cooker. As the name suggests they are used to fill pots with water. They have jointed arms to allow forward movement when you fill a pot with water and backward movement when you want to get it out of the way. 

Now you know the different types of black kitchen faucets and their functionality. Probably you have an idea of which faucet to get for your kitchen. But you are wondering what could be the cost and where to get a durable high-quality faucet. Find more details on that below.

pot filler, black kitchen faucet.

Cost of black kitchen faucet.

The cost of a kitchen faucet is between $50 – $2500. With the high-tech faucets being the most expensive and the stationary single-handle faucets being the cheapest. That cost is exclusive of labor cost. Some faucets are easy to install while some require an experienced person to install. Always consider that because it will affect the overall cost.

Where to buy faucets.

You can either shop online to go to the store. Shopping from the store will allow you to see and touch the black kitchen faucet that you are eyeing. On the other hand, shopping online saves you time and money. You can buy it and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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