Everything about Copper Bathroom Sinks That Will Make You Get One Immediately.

Copper bathroom sinks can go with any bathroom design. They are durable, stunning, and have a ton of benefits over other bathroom sink types. Get your home copper sinks that you’ll love forever.

Copper bathroom sinks are environmentally friendly and last a lifetime without having to be replaced. Copper has natural properties which allow it to regenerate its appearance even when it is scratched or discolored, which makes it last long. Therefore, you do not have to replace the sink.

Copper sinks are commonly used in the colonial and Tuscan/Mediterranean designs. This because the color of copper pairs well with color schemes of this designs.

Read more to discover the different types of copper bathroom sinks, how to install them and take care of them so that they last a lifetime. Other than being durable and stunning copper sinks have many benefits that have been explained below.

Types of Copper Bathroom Sinks.

Copper sinks are available in a wide range of finishes such as;

  1. Rustic copper sink, with patina. It has an aged appearance.
  2. Shiny copper or polished copper, this has original copper color. it should be cleaned well and waxed to maintain its shiny appearance.

After choosing the type of copper bathroom sink that you want then you need to know if you want it above the vanity counter top or below it. Below are copper sinks installation methods.  

shiny/polished copper bathroom sinks with no patina.

Copper Bathroom Sinks Installation Methods.

There are is a range of installation methods for copper bathroom sinks.

  1. Copper undermount bathroom sink, that sit inside a specific hole cut on top of the vanity.
  2. Top mount copper bathroom sink that sits inside a specific hole cut on top of the vanity and are suspended by their rims.
  3. Copper vessel sinks that are freely standing models that rest on top on the bathroom vanity.
Top mount copper bathroom sinks.
Top mount copper bathroom sink.
Under mount copper bathroom sinks.
Under mount copper bathroom sink.
Image free standing copper bathroom sinks.

Benefits of Copper Sinks.

  1. Copper sinks are resistant to rust, they do not rust.
  2. Coppers natural composition makes it antimicrobial. Copper has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours and stop many others from multiplying. This makes it an excellent choice for the bathroom to help protect your health.
  3. It is aesthetically pleasing, whether in its polished shiny natural form or aged and darker with patina.

Copper can be electroplated with brass, chrome, nickel and even gold. It can also be powder coated to give a variety of colored finishes to match your style.

  1. Low corrosion, copper reacts with oxygen in the air to form copper oxide, the copper oxide protects the copper underneath from any further corrosion.
  2. Copper is malleable, it is not easy to break or crack when hit by a hard thing or when it falls unlike ceramics. Therefore, copper bathroom sinks are more durable compared to ceramic bathroom sinks.
  3. Copper bathroom sinks are durable. Copper has natural properties that allow for regeneration when it is scratched or discolored, therefore, you don’t have replace the sink.

How to Take Care of Copper Sinks.

Cleaning – It is recommended that you clean the copper sink daily to avoid buildup of soap. After cleaning always wipe the sink dry. Use ordinary mild detergent and soft cloth when cleaning the copper sink. Avoid use of strong abrasive cleaners because they will scratch the surface of copper.

Cleaning and drying a copper sink prevent it from turning green. Green oxidation happens when copper is exposed to harsh environments like weather changes.

To keep a shiny copper sink from tarnishing rub a coat wax on the surface of the sink. Wax helps slow down patina development.  

What to Look for When Buying Copper Bathroom Sinks.

There three things that you must consider to determine the quality of copper used to make the copper sink that want to buy for your home.

First is copper purity – Coppers sink should be made of 99% pure copper and 1% zinc for added strength.

Second is copper thickness or gauge- Copper sinks thickness varies from company to company. For bathroom sinks the gauge should be between 20 and 16. The thicker the copper used the longer it takes for the sink to wear out. When shopping for copper sink always ask about the gauge.

Third is construction technique- Copper sink should be properly shaped. Even though hand hammered sinks can be perfectly shaped it shouldn’t be outrightly distorted. As for drain hole, make sure it is the correct size.

How Much Do Copper Bathroom Sinks Cost?

Copper bathroom sinks are very expensive compared to other bathroom sinks such as porcelain sinks, stone sinks, stainless steel sinks, among others. However, none of these other sinks can last as long as a copper sink does. That is why purchasing a copper sink is a worthy investment.

The cost of copper bathroom sinks varies depending on the size, design, installation method, and thickness of the copper used. The average price range of copper bathroom sinks is between $400 – $1000.

How to Find a Good Copper Bathroom Sinks Vendor.

A good dealer is will provide their shipping location, clearly state their warranty and return policies, and be available for consultation.

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