The Best Chrome Bathroom Light Fixtures in the Market.

Chrome bathroom light fixtures have become very popular recently because they do not rust and have a shiny appearance that makes the bathroom sparkle. The shininess of chrome bathroom light fixtures blend in well with other chrome bathroom accessories e.g. chrome faucets, chrome vanity handles or knobs. . This creates a cohesive look in the bathroom.

Most people when renovating the bathrooms, start by picking out the big items, such as the shower, bathtub, toilet, and tiles among others. They pay little or no attention to fixtures. But, the small details could make or ruin the overall look, they are factors that define beauty in any room.

Chrome bathroom light fixtures are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Find out more on the various types of chrome bathroom light fixtures and how you can light up any bathroom whether small or big with chrome bathroom light fixtures.

chrome bathroom light fixtures over the vanity

Types of Chrome Bathroom Light Fixtures.

1.     Chrome bathroom light fixtures for vanity lights.

Vanity lights are placed above the vanity mirror. They are used for lighting up the vanity area. Chrome bathroom light fixtures and the mirror enhance light because light bounces off the chrome fixtures and the mirror due to their shiny nature.

Vanity lights are used when grooming and applying makeup. You can tie in chrome bathroom light fixtures on the vanity with a chrome vanity mirror to bring out a sense of fashion and oneness.

2.     Chrome bathroom light fixtures for scones lights.

Bathroom scones lights are wall-mounted light fixtures. They are used to illuminate a larger part of the bathroom. When picking out scones lights it is important to consider the size of the bathroom, in order to pick the correct size of light for the bathroom.

3.     Bathroom ceiling lights.

Bathroom ceiling lights are generally used to illuminate the entire bathroom. Ceiling lights are important in the bathroom. Surprisingly, people ignore them when thinking about bathroom lighting. What comes in most people’s minds is lighting specific nooks in the bathroom such as vanity lights. Forgetting that its important to have a source of light that can illuminate the entire bathroom evenly.

ceiling light as a type of chrome bathroom light fixtures

4.     Bathroom chandeliers and pendant lights.

Like other spaces in a house, a bathrooms can have a chandelier too. However, there are rules to be followed for safety purposes. The size and placement of the chandelier are key elements to be considered. It is important to consult an electrician for advice on bathroom chandeliers if you are considering them as an option.

Just like the way they create a focal point in other rooms such as the living room, it is in the same way they create a focal point that draws attention in the bathroom.

Bathroom chandelier as an example of chrome bathroom light fixtures.

Ways to light up a bathroom using chrome bathroom light fixtures.

You cannot use all types of bathroom lights in one bathroom. How it work best is finding the best combination of light types to use for a particular bathroom. Small bathrooms such as guest bathrooms do not require many types of chrome bathroom light fixtures, unlike a master bathroom.

       I.            Task lighting.

Task lighting is when light is concentrated on a certain area to help you carry out tasks. Task lights in the bathroom are majorly found in the vanity area, to help when grooming and when putting on makeup. Task lights are also found in the shower area to help when shaving or conditioning.

    II.            Vanity lighting.

This can be done in two ways, First, is having two scone lights on each side of the mirror. These are the best because they do not create shadows. 

Second is having chrome bathroom light fixtures above the vanity mirror. When you opt for this second option, use an opaque cover to avoid harsh overhead lights, that could create unflattering shadows.

 III.            Shower lighting.

For shower lighting, you will require two types of lights. A task light to illuminate the bath products and a recessed light to illuminate the shower area.

There are two types of recessed lights fixtures damped rated and moisture-rated. When choosing chrome bathroom light fixtures for the shower you must consider whether the water will hit the light directly or it will only be exposed to humidity.

The number of lights to illuminate the shower area depend on the size of the shower.

IV.            Ambient lighting.

Ambient light is meant to illuminate the whole bathroom evenly. Therefore, it should be placed in a central place. Most times it is usually on the ceiling. Ceiling lights are of three different types, recessed, flush mount, and pendant lights.

   V.            Accent lighting.

Accent lights are used to add beauty, and make the bathroom feel warm and welcoming. This can be achieved by adding a lamp at a certain corner. But this can only be done in a huge bathroom.

Another way to introduce accent light is by use of scones to highlight certain features or architecture in the bathroom for example a painting.

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